Baseball & Softball Fields


Dunning Custom Soils is proud to be Connecticut's distribution center for industry-leading DuraEdge™ products.

DuraEdge™ products are quality-engineered for baseball and softball fields of any kind—from neighborhood ballfields to big-league stadiums—regardless of the surroundings or environmental challenges. It is a truly spectacular product.

What's the DuraEdge™ difference? In two words, Soil Science. There is no guesswork in its preparation and manufacturing. DuraEdge™ is based on solid soil research. The component blending process is customized and controlled. The formulations meet only the strictest industry specifications.

The bottom line? Whether you're involved in new ball field construction, renovation, or just maintenance, DuraEdge™ will deliver a superior performance around the clock, across the calendar, and under all conditions.

We handle stabilized soil, reinforced soil, structural soil, rain gardens and bio retention basin soils, products for golf courses and more. We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and requirements. We can discuss maintenance procedures, and improvement solutions that won't require complete replacement. Let's talk about your number one goal: the best possible athletic field you can have.

Call us to learn more about DuraEdge™ and the other solutions from Dunning Custom Soils.

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Baseball & Softball Fields Baseball & Softball Fields