Stabilized Soil / Organic Glue

At Dunning Custom Soils, we are only as good as our products—and our products are extraordinarily good! Take our newest line of organic glue: Organic-Lock™ from EnviroBond. It's the strongest organic glue on the market, provides exceptional erosion control, reduces dust and deters weeds better than any other brand, is self-healing, and is simple to maintain.

You won't find a better option anywhere.

Organic-Lock™, a patented formula made from 100% naturally occurring materials, is based on a decade of research by some of the top Green Science professionals working today. It is designed to be combined with crushed aggregate screenings, resulting in a durable, stabilized, natural-looking surface. Organic-Lock™ can be spread manually or mechanically. With it, pathways look and feel like nature intended—but with a far better performance than nature can provide.

Erosion Control & Dust Reduction

When activated by water, Organic-Lock™ forms an adhesive gel which bonds sand particles together. It creates a thin film on the surface of the joint when wet, which acts as a buffer over which water can slide. Sloped surfaces are especially well served by the product. The gel also grips particles of stone and dust and locks them in place when dry, preventing dust from blowing away or being kicked up by traffic.

Weed Deterrence

Organic-Lock™ features an elevated pH, which in turn creates an environment that hinders germination of seeds. The result? Severely curtailed weed growth.


Organic-Lock™ is engineered to have the flexibility that withstands movement of any kind due to heat or settling of the sub-base materials. What's more, its gelling characteristic allows the surface to self-heal. Rain water reactivates the gelling, filling in any cracks that develop. Maintenance is also a breeze because the material can be shifted and reused simply by reactivating Organic-Lock™ with water, and then re-compacting.

We also handle reinforced soil, structural soil, rain gardens and bio retention basin soils, products for golf courses and athletic & recreation fields, and more. At Dunning Custom Soils, we place equal value on durability, aesthetics, efficiencies—and environmental responsibility.

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Stabilized Soil / Organic Glue Stabilized Soil / Organic Glue