Reinforced Soils

The word is in from civil engineers, landscape architects, and athletic field managers who use our reinforced soils: FiberSoils™ does not just meet their expectations, it exceeds them! The product's specially-designed, turf-reinforcing fibers, called TurfGrids, give FiberSoils™ the durability, drainage resistance, and growth promotion that make their jobs easier than ever, while giving their fields an appeal that looks better than new.

The special TurfGrids fibers used in FiberSoils™ reinforce the soil mass and increase shear strength by up to 50%. Steeper slopes can be designed with it, and far more interesting terrain, too. The aesthetic value increases while the potential for erosion or damage virtually disappears.

Dunning Custom Soils has all your needs covered, because FiberSoils™ covers all grounds and landscape needs. It can reinforce an entire green area for overflow parking, under any weather condition. It can be used to build green areas for tents, beer trucks and festival machinery, without the worry of lawn damage. It can be used for fire lanes, too! No more concrete.

With reinforced soil from Dunning, irrigation systems work more effectively. Floods after heavy rains will be a thing of the past. Damage from cleats, hooves, pitching wedges, divots, or tracks will no longer be a serious issue. Much less maintenance, much quicker recovery.

We also market stabilized soil, structural soil, rain gardens and bio retention basin soils, sand, soil, and gravel products for golf courses and athletic & recreation fields, and more. Engineers, architects and field managers love our products for the way they perform and maintain. Everyone else loves them for the way they look and feel.

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Reinforced Soils