Rain Garden & Bio Retention

Many building managers and field operators require rain gardens and bio retention basins to redirect storm water back into the ground. Manmade ground-based and landscape hollows collect, redirect, or effectively manage potentially problematic or unsightly water, and Dunning Custom Soils is one of the few dealers in the region that has a customizable product for specific drainage needs.

Because some of these basins actually double as gardens, cultivation with plants and bushes is often necessary. That's one reason why the company you use to establish your rain garden and bio retention basin should be an expert in all manner of soil solutions.

Storm water management is sometimes also associated with solid surfaces, gutter outlets, or one of countless other areas. With Dunning's customizable product, there isn't a storm water concern we can't address.

We are also dealers of reinforced soil, stabilized soil, DuraEdge, structural soil, products for golf courses and athletic & recreation fields, and much more. The pros at Dunning Custom Soils know there are many issues and challenges for you to deal with. That's why we made sure to have the safest and most aesthetic and effective solutions

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